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Band Parade

As we grow older there is no doubt we’re eternally learning more and more about ourselves. The confidence of our youth either gets empowered, broken down, or we discover that our strength rests somewhere else or maybe we haven’t quite found them yet. There is no doubt at this point in my life I feel more perceptive and in tune with what I care about, how I feel, and who I want to become, but there are always things that creep in or surprise me as days go by. Over the last few years, I’ve learned that dreaming, creating, aspiring, and reaching for the things beyond my own reach take up a large portion of my mind, time, and energy. I’m always wanting to do more, pushing for growth, and working to develop ideas into something tangible.

In late 2013 I had this idea, with no name, no imagery, and no idea how to pull it off and I knew there was no way I would be able to do it alone. What I did have though were friends, people with vision, people who dream like me, those who see the potential in an idea, have passion for things beyond themselves, and want to build, grow, and push beyond their current GPS coordinates. I know all this sounds, romantic, poetic, or just plan ridiculous, but whatever the case, its true. I knew there were people in my life who are as crazy as I am, who believed in this idea, and who now are helping me pull off something I’m extremely proud of, something I hope can really help bands and artists showcase their talent, passion, and what they’ve put hours of thought, practice, and sweat equity into.

I can’t believe it was almost a year a half ago that the idea for Band Parade somehow found its way inside my mind, scratched at me till I couldn’t stand it, and eventually drove me through all the unknowns and finally to the point where I built out the idea. I can’t thank Dan Middleton, Mitch & Destany Colagrossi, Chris Viel and Curtis Wood of Syndeo Studios, Jon Kopecky, and so many other people. They all sat, listened, troubleshooted, tested out ideas, got frustrated, encouraged me, and most importantly helped bring my idea to life.

Currently, we’ve filmed 7 sessions, 5 of which have a home on the site, 1 thats unusable, and 1 we’ve yet to released but are super excited about.

I sat down in front of the computer with the intent to post a few pictures I took during the last session we did, and instead felt myself feeling nostalgic and grateful. Thanks again you guys, for taking this risk and wild ride with me! Here’s to whatever this whole thing leads to! Cheers!

Oh yeah and here are some pictures of Bailiff

Click HERE to check out their session on Band Parade.
And please like our page on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.

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What is Founders Co-working space

People ask me all the time, What is Founders Co-working space? Its not always easy to explain because for many people it means something a little bit different. But, this last year I’ve spent a great deal of time working from and with the people of Founders to help create a community of people who love the city of Fort Wayne and want to see development and growth in the entrepreneurial spirt and small business sector here. The space has officially re-opened and is ready for your visit. For more on Founders, watch this short video. After that, grab your laptop and your work ethic and come build something!

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Eternal Youth Co

Not too long ago, I was blessed to be apart of the planning, development, and photography for my great friend Evan Perigo’s brain child, Eternal Youth Co.
(Ok, I wasn’t too heavily involved but those photo shoots took some serious work!)
It’s been years, thousands of hours, and many sleepless nights in the making. Debuted just a few months ago, the release of his inaugural fall line, he has really captured the essence of the midwest culture and free spirited heartbeat of today’s youth.

I’m not only proud and completely blown away by his talent, vision, and the intentionality of his brand, I am extremely excited to see the world grab ahold of these amazing products. It’s been inspiring to hear and see people recognize the brand’s detail and desire to inspire the youth culture of today. Take a few minutes to read Highlight Magazines interview of Eternal Youth Co‘s Owner, Director, and Photographer, Evan Perigo, on Page 8.

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iPhone 4 Screen Replacement

I’ve been brave enough over the past few years to open up and explore my damaged iPhones. After virtually owning every iPhone thats been released, i’ve learned to repair them when they break. Whether dropped, or in this case of my friend’s white iPhone 4, repeatedly thrown into a wall after a heated argument. It doesn’t have to be the end of the road for your phone. Below are a series of pictures as I went through the process of repair. If you have a broken iPhone and need it repaired, I offer a quite reasonable rate.

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Happy Father’s Day

“Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a Dad.”

My dad has taught and shown me so many things over the years. I’m looking forward to all thats yet to come. Happy Father’s Day.

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Blind Tennis

Look ma… no eyes, no seriously, today I had one of those moments where I discovered another one of those things in this life that I had no idea existed previously. Blind tennis, yes thats exactly what it sounds like and its amazing to watch. There aren’t too many great videos online yet but its becoming more and more popular here in the United States. There was a write up in the New York Times about it today. Check out these videos below, I was amazed at the talent.

Womens 2010 Finals

Mens 2010 Finals

Mixed Doubles

For some even more amazing information on how the blind are using technology in todays world. Check out this awesome post addressing how Apple and the iPhone are enabling the blind to travel, take great pictures, and communicate more easily.

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Mac Mini Memory Upgrade

After discovering the power cable to my parent’s Mac Mini has gone bad, I decided to upgrade their computers memory because my mom does tons of stuff with pictures, or should I say, she takes a ungodly amount of pictures. The original 1GB of memory, which the Mac Mini came with, was annoyingly slow. After about 5 minutes of contemplation, I decided to purchase the maximum memory the 2009 Mac Mini can handle. Below are some pictures of the disassembly and the installation of all 8GBs of memory freshly upgraded.

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Steal everything like a remix artist

A while ago I posted a video titled, Rip, A Remix Manifesto. This film was fascinating to watch and eye opening from the perspective of how some artists, probably most artists, go about creating and reshaping their ideas. As someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, I am always looking to streamline and rework the process for creating. Kirby Ferguson, a director, writer, and editor has an ongoing series called Everything is a remix and recently was interviewed at SXSW by Austin Kleon, writer of the book, Steal like and Artist. There is some great conversation here,
This fine line of remixing vs ripping off is something I think every artist, writer, and any creative professional struggles with. Trying to innovate and change often times results in frustration when you feel like your not being original. The fact of the matter is that its all in how you tell the story, use the melody, edit the video, and so on. Its original because you did it. On the flip side, the originality of your expression, use, and interpretation of these things dies when you blatantly take something and claim it to be yours. This whole area of legal copyright and intellectual property is extremely fascinating to me. If there are other people on the web having this type of conversation, I’d love to hear about it.

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Hip Hop 4 the City

Anyone who has passed through, has roots, memories, or lives in Fort Wayne, IN currently needs to see what a group of talented local artists are doing. Certiflyyed along with A Better Fort put together a song and music video to showcase some of the talent residing here in the city.

I personally have worked with Kae Prodigy and Nyzzy Nyce from the group Certiflyyed and these dudes are both seriously skilled artists. 2RQ, Laquin Norwood, the dude rocking the red V-Neck and Cardinal cap has been putting out music locally since forever it seems. All the other artists in the video have been putting their blood, sweat, and tears into their craft and it shows. The up in coming talent here in the city is exciting and promising and I’m so excited to be a part of it.

As an owner of a local record label & artists management company here in Fort Wayne, Indiana its great to see people proud of their roots. This city has sent off so many great artists to other cities who end up burning out or getting torn apart. Our city has a chance to change this and make Fort Wayne a viable place conducive to growing and developing a thriving music scene. So without any further introduction, check out the song and video for “My City”

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Ron Paul for President

I will be voting for Ron Paul as President of the United States this year and you should too!

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