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Steal everything like a remix artist

A while ago I posted a video titled, Rip, A Remix Manifesto. This film was fascinating to watch and eye opening from the perspective of how some artists, probably most artists, go about creating and reshaping their ideas. As someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, I am always looking to streamline and rework the process for creating. Kirby Ferguson, a director, writer, and editor has an ongoing series called Everything is a remix and recently was interviewed at SXSW by Austin Kleon, writer of the book, Steal like and Artist. There is some great conversation here,
This fine line of remixing vs ripping off is something I think every artist, writer, and any creative professional struggles with. Trying to innovate and change often times results in frustration when you feel like your not being original. The fact of the matter is that its all in how you tell the story, use the melody, edit the video, and so on. Its original because you did it. On the flip side, the originality of your expression, use, and interpretation of these things dies when you blatantly take something and claim it to be yours. This whole area of legal copyright and intellectual property is extremely fascinating to me. If there are other people on the web having this type of conversation, I’d love to hear about it.

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