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Off Broadway in St. Louis

Does anyone else feel like the New Year came and January decided it didn’t need to exist? Those who know me well, know I’m generally the person who over commits, rolls with the punches, but finds ways to stay mostly sane throughout all the chaos. I’ve set some very lofty goals for myself in regards to this next year and my most recent trip, on tour with Bailiff, kicked off 2015 with some pretty unforgettable memories.

The first of ten stops on tour was a venue called, Off Broadway in St. Louis. It proved to be a great place to kick things into motion. The venue was fantastic, a large group of diehard fans came and surprised the fellas by singing their lyrics back at them, and I got to see one of my great friends Cole Miller. The first night on the road went extremely well, after some pizza, drinking with friends, the purchase of some vintage shoes, a deliciously filling brunch the next morning, we hit the road and headed onward toward Lawrence, KS. About 35 minutes into the drive we quickly realize we’d forgotten the band’s merchandise. After an hour and a half set back, we were headed to our second stop…

More posts and pics to come…

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Bailiff Tour Day Two

Last nights show at Off Broadway went really well, great energy and solid turn out. It didn’t hurt to have Cole Miller & Jon Arnold come out to the show and support the band! Special thanks to their wives for letting em loose last night! Day 2 is off to a relaxing start as I sit here sipping coffee and typing this in the first night’s crash spot…

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Bailiff Tour Day One

I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited on tour with some friends of mine who play in a band called, Bailiff. For the next 10 days we’ll be on the road and I’m gonna try and document the journey via iPhone. These posts likely won’t include too many words! Let’s kick this thing off with load in and set up in St.louis at ‘Off Broadway’ each day I’ll update these posts with photos as they come!

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