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Apple Keyboards

Some people have a hard time figuring out which shirt to wear on a daily basis. I have a hard time deciding which keyboard I like typing on the best. All of these Apple keyboards are fantastic for different reasons. I am sure many of you remember using at least one of these bad boys during years past. I decided to resurrect and brush the dust off of them to give each one a fair shot at being my primary keyboard. The latest isn’t always the greatest!

The oldest keyboard pictured here is from 1998. If anyone has the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh Keyboard (M3459) or any usb keyboard prior to that one please let me know. I’d love to take it off your hands!

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Mac Mini Memory Upgrade

After discovering the power cable to my parent’s Mac Mini has gone bad, I decided to upgrade their computers memory because my mom does tons of stuff with pictures, or should I say, she takes a ungodly amount of pictures. The original 1GB of memory, which the Mac Mini came with, was annoyingly slow. After about 5 minutes of contemplation, I decided to purchase the maximum memory the 2009 Mac Mini can handle. Below are some pictures of the disassembly and the installation of all 8GBs of memory freshly upgraded.

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