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iPhone 4 Screen Replacement

I’ve been brave enough over the past few years to open up and explore my damaged iPhones. After virtually owning every iPhone thats been released, i’ve learned to repair them when they break. Whether dropped, or in this case of my friend’s white iPhone 4, repeatedly thrown into a wall after a heated argument. It doesn’t have to be the end of the road for your phone. Below are a series of pictures as I went through the process of repair. If you have a broken iPhone and need it repaired, I offer a quite reasonable rate.

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Blind Tennis

Look ma… no eyes, no seriously, today I had one of those moments where I discovered another one of those things in this life that I had no idea existed previously. Blind tennis, yes thats exactly what it sounds like and its amazing to watch. There aren’t too many great videos online yet but its becoming more and more popular here in the United States. There was a write up in the New York Times about it today. Check out these videos below, I was amazed at the talent.

Womens 2010 Finals

Mens 2010 Finals

Mixed Doubles

For some even more amazing information on how the blind are using technology in todays world. Check out this awesome post addressing how Apple and the iPhone are enabling the blind to travel, take great pictures, and communicate more easily.

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Selling my iPhone 4

Ok… so I have mentioned I would be selling my iPhone 4 before but I would really like to sell it without putting it on eBay. If no one buys it directly from me here, it will find its way to the auction.

This used to by my primary phone and it has definitely been used. This phone works perfectly fine. I just upgraded to the iPhone 4s and don’t need a back up anymore. This is an out of contract 16GB AT&T version iPhone which comes with all its accessories in never used condition except for the charging chord. I’m asking $400 for the phone but I’m open to offers. The pictures below are of the actual phone.

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Drive all night

I had the absolute pleasure and opportunity to work on the latest NEEEDTOBREATHE music video directed by Eric Ryan Anderson. I had an absolute blast working with the band and all the crew in the beautiful city of Oldenburg, Indiana. Below are some shots I took with my trusty ole iPhone and don’t forget to watch the video. It turned out amazing!

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