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Weekend favorites

A weekend full of my favorite things! Good hangs with friends, amazing food, drinks (homemade margaritas), and rides all over these old Midwest country roads! There is not a whole lot I can complain about! 

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The ride to work

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CB 400 four twins

Earlier this week, I was flagged down and approached by a man and his wife in a red Honda Accord while I was riding my motorcycle through downtown Fort Wayne. Come to find out, Kyle, the man who flagged me down, has the same exact year, 1975 Honda CB 400 four Super Sport, as I do. His has been fully restored and has ten thousand more miles then mine, but looks fantastic.

As a result, today I went for a cruise with a group of five guys whom I’d have never met or had the privilege of riding with had Kyle not seen me riding or stopped me to get my information. Sometimes its just nice to have a group of people to ride with. Here is a shot of the twin CB 400 four Super Sports.

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Weaver Plate

I recently noticed I had been riding around town this summer with an expired plate. Its been expired since December actually. So upon renewing my plates I figured why not pay the extra fee and get something people could easily identify with my bike.

Boom, problem solved. I’ve never really been a fan of custom plates but as of recently I’ve have had things stolen from my car and friends who have had their vehicles stolen outright. This doesn’t really justify the expense, I guess its really only provides a false of security if anyone ever tries to take the bike. Nonetheless, I got a new plate.

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Honda CB350

After dinner tonight I walked outside the resturant to find this little guy. I’m not 100% of the year, but I’m pretty sure this is the brother bike to my Honda cb400. Still a sweet little city cruiser!

I’ve yet to see a picture of a solid white with red pinstripe CB350 on the internet.

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1975 Honda CB 400 Four Super Sport

Since 2007, when I was unfortunately hit by a car on my 2003 Suzuki GSXR 750 I have been itching to ride again. Every summer as the temperature warmed up I would always dread hearing that distinct sound of motorcycles flying by me in traffic and having so many old memories flash through my mind.

This summer I just couldn’t resist it any more. I decided to start out on the hunt for a bike I could use to cruise around town on and enjoy the amazing summer and fall nights riding. As I began to look around I became intrigued with some old vintage cafe motorcycles and decided this was what I wanted. I did a bit of research and looking around but didn’t see too many bikes in my area I was interested in. By chance a family friend was selling his ole bike so I went to have a look and put in a few bids on eBay for it. The final night of bidding I feel asleep and wasn’t able to put in a winning bid. Little did I know I would be thankful I missed out on winning the previous bidding war. That same friend’s neighbor just happened to have a bike he wasn’t riding and needed to get rid of. Little did I know, the neighbor across the street had just the bike I was looking for.

Ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to my newly acquired 1975 Honda CB400 Four Super Sport.

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