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Weekend favorites

A weekend full of my favorite things! Good hangs with friends, amazing food, drinks (homemade margaritas), and rides all over these old Midwest country roads! There is not a whole lot I can complain about! 

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March On Comrade Recording Strings

Nothing like walking into your house and seeing four members from the Fort Wayne Philharmonic recording strings for your roommates band, March On, Comrade! This stuff is sounding so good!

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Chad’s 40th

Had a great evening celebrating Chad’s 40th Birthday and to top it off, Drew Billings made an appearance all the way from LA. Cheers to a great night and good friends!

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Dawson & Maddie Fishing

Glad to have Dawson and Maddie back home again in Indiana.

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I look at this cactus almost everyday at work. Today I took its picture.

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1995 Volkswagen Golf GL for Sale

1995 Volkswagen Golf GL for Sale_03Its hard for me to wrap my head around and grasp that the time has come where I finally need to get rid of this trustworthy ole girl. This 1995 Volkswagen Golf GL has literally taken me all over the country, its never left me stranded, its always run strong, moved me in and out of college, transported who knows how many friends of mine all over the place, and most importantly its put up with me learning and working on, abusing, and customizing her over the last 12 years.

Check out these one off custom floor mats that I made out my high schools left over astro turf!! 1995 Volkswagen Golf GL Custom Floor Mats I know, mind blowing right?!?

I bought this car during my freshman year of college from a tiny dealership and service center called Little German Village in the town of Ridgeville, Ohio. I highly recommend them and would buy another car from them in a heart beat. There are so many memories, crazy stories, and likely too many momentary brushes with death in this car to want to relive! None the less, I made this car mine, she made me hers and we’ve had an amazing ride together this last decade or so.

She’s become a parts car, its likely her most useful and beneficial purpose at this point in time and she’s for sale on Craigslist so check her out!

I’d love for you to leave a comment or share any thoughts/memories you might of have of her!

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Dan Swartz at TEDxFortWayne

There were so many great speakers at today’s TEDxFortWayne event so I wanted to sit back and take it all in. Snapped a couple during Dan’s talk about collecting people and curating community. Its always enjoyable to hear what he’s up to!

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Henry Graf at TEDxFortWayne

There is nothing more fun then watching your friends do what they love. I had the pleasure and honor to be asked by Henry Graf to take some pictures for him today during his TED talk today at TEDxFortWayne. The event, top to bottom, was fantastic and Henry’s presentation was so so good! Love seeing him in his element!

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Rayland Baxter at the B-Sides

Last night I had the pleasure to once again see Rayland Baxter play at One Lucky Guitar’s The B-Sides venue. Such a talented artist, writer, and musician. So glad the show sold out and really appreciate the hospitality from Matt Kelly and the gang for all they do for music in this city. Happy Birthday Matt, great show!

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Weaver Family Christmas

Everyone always says it, and its true! Its better to give, then receive! Nothing is more fun then watching your nieces and nephews tear open their gifts and squeal with excitement as they discover whats hiding underneath all that wrapping paper. This year was no different. Below are a few moments captured from this years Weaver Family Christmas festivities. Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas too!

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