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Band Parade

As we grow older there is no doubt we’re eternally learning more and more about ourselves. The confidence of our youth either gets empowered, broken down, or we discover that our strength rests somewhere else or maybe we haven’t quite found them yet. There is no doubt at this point in my life I feel more perceptive and in tune with what I care about, how I feel, and who I want to become, but there are always things that creep in or surprise me as days go by. Over the last few years, I’ve learned that dreaming, creating, aspiring, and reaching for the things beyond my own reach take up a large portion of my mind, time, and energy. I’m always wanting to do more, pushing for growth, and working to develop ideas into something tangible.

In late 2013 I had this idea, with no name, no imagery, and no idea how to pull it off and I knew there was no way I would be able to do it alone. What I did have though were friends, people with vision, people who dream like me, those who see the potential in an idea, have passion for things beyond themselves, and want to build, grow, and push beyond their current GPS coordinates. I know all this sounds, romantic, poetic, or just plan ridiculous, but whatever the case, its true. I knew there were people in my life who are as crazy as I am, who believed in this idea, and who now are helping me pull off something I’m extremely proud of, something I hope can really help bands and artists showcase their talent, passion, and what they’ve put hours of thought, practice, and sweat equity into.

I can’t believe it was almost a year a half ago that the idea for Band Parade somehow found its way inside my mind, scratched at me till I couldn’t stand it, and eventually drove me through all the unknowns and finally to the point where I built out the idea. I can’t thank Dan Middleton, Mitch & Destany Colagrossi, Chris Viel and Curtis Wood of Syndeo Studios, Jon Kopecky, and so many other people. They all sat, listened, troubleshooted, tested out ideas, got frustrated, encouraged me, and most importantly helped bring my idea to life.

Currently, we’ve filmed 7 sessions, 5 of which have a home on the site, 1 thats unusable, and 1 we’ve yet to released but are super excited about.

I sat down in front of the computer with the intent to post a few pictures I took during the last session we did, and instead felt myself feeling nostalgic and grateful. Thanks again you guys, for taking this risk and wild ride with me! Here’s to whatever this whole thing leads to! Cheers!

Oh yeah and here are some pictures of Bailiff

Click HERE to check out their session on Band Parade.
And please like our page on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.

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Kryptonite in Rockford, IL

Rockford, IL holds a very special place in the hearts of Bailiff. They’ve played this town several times and every time they come back, their die hard fans show up and are always there to support them.

As we rolled up to the Kryptonite bar in Rockford, IL. the guys wanted to load-in take their time, get things situated, and try to grab some food. Things all seemed to be going as they typically do on the road; load-in, sound check, grab a beer, maybe some food then do some pre-show game face routines. All the locals had crowded into the bar playing drinking games, and enjoying their thirsty Thursday night.

Little did we know that things were about to drastically change. The guys filed onto the stage, began their set and all seemed well. As the guys played through their set, out of no-where all power cut out without warning. Not knowing what was going on, the guys did what anyone in their situation would do, and attempted to entertain the crowd and continue on through their set. After some adjustments, the bar owner and sound tech, crossed their fingers and Bailiff restarted jumped back into their set. To make this story bearable, this same scenario, power cutting out and stopping Bailiff’s set, repeated itself a total of 5 times, No one could seem to figure out what was causing it. But after some frustration, testing of patience, and a couple brief breaks to snag a slice of pizza or two mid set, the issue somehow got resolved and the guys were able to get through their songs in their typical Bailiff fashion.

Needless to say, this show in Rockford, IL will go down in the history books as one of the best/worst sets of their life. There is no way I’ll ever forget it, and their fans deserve a big round of applause for sticking it out and not loosing their minds as the sound/power cut out each of the 5 times throughout Bailiff’s set. After an event filled night like that, a few of us felt it necessary to party it up a bit with some of their fans who so graciously let us crash in their home!

At the end of the day, Rockford, IL we still love you! Thanks for such a memorable evening!

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Zoo Bar in Lincoln, NE

Day three of the Bailiff tour brought us to Lincoln, NE. The 2nd state on the tour in which I’d never visited before, the first being, Kansas. One thing about Lincoln I can say for sure, is that the folks there are working really hard to build, create, and encourage an art and music scene. In the short time we were there, I got to see several up in coming bars, venues, and meet some of the folks pour their time into that city. I also learned to never pull a conversion van into a tight alley and attempt a 90 point turn around simply to make loading in and out of the venue more convenient. Oh, the things you learn on the road. Here are some shots from the historic Zoo Bar

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Andrew Ripp Covers Timberlake’s song Mirrors

This version is seriously almost as good as the original. I saw this guy last year in Indy and his talent is just ridiculous. So much soul and texture to his style. Dig it!

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