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Hip Hop 4 the City

Anyone who has passed through, has roots, memories, or lives in Fort Wayne, IN currently needs to see what a group of talented local artists are doing. Certiflyyed along with A Better Fort put together a song and music video to showcase some of the talent residing here in the city.

I personally have worked with Kae Prodigy and Nyzzy Nyce from the group Certiflyyed and these dudes are both seriously skilled artists. 2RQ, Laquin Norwood, the dude rocking the red V-Neck and Cardinal cap has been putting out music locally since forever it seems. All the other artists in the video have been putting their blood, sweat, and tears into their craft and it shows. The up in coming talent here in the city is exciting and promising and I’m so excited to be a part of it.

As an owner of a local record label & artists management company here in Fort Wayne, Indiana its great to see people proud of their roots. This city has sent off so many great artists to other cities who end up burning out or getting torn apart. Our city has a chance to change this and make Fort Wayne a viable place conducive to growing and developing a thriving music scene. So without any further introduction, check out the song and video for “My City”

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