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Bailiff Tour Day Six and Seven

As the tour goes on, it seems to be picking up speed and the days are more and more becoming a blur. I can’t imagine how bands kept track of all the necessities during a tour 30 to 40 years ago. Just think, if you were a manager, booking agent, show promoter, or venue owner, how organized you’d have to be. Just a random thought, but we as a people and a culture are way less prepared, organized, and much more randomly focused because we have these conveniences called smart phones allowing us to just dial and connect to whomever, whenever.

Day five in Iowa City was a blast, downstairs at Gabe’s is such a cozy and fun spot to play. There was a great crowd of interactive folks/fans. Shows like that are the best and could be voted the best of the tour thus far…

Day six, the tour’s off/rest day, brought us to Cedar Rapids where the fellas had a friend who let us crash and take over his place for the entire day. This was much needed because even though you feel fine, you’re not! Once every so often on the road you need to just sleep in, watch Shark Tank, and AVOID eating pizza! We ate breakfast at a local spot called Riley’s where I ordered something called the Country Shipwreck. Lets just say it lived up to its name! The night before at Gabe’s, Ren’s snare drum broke, so we had to make a quick guitar center run to pick up a new one before heading to the next show.

Day Seven, was spent en route to Rockford, IL where we played a venue called Kryptonite. After a few technical issues, Bailiff played a solid set to a large group of diehard fans. It was a great time and we’re looking forward to the next few days in Davenport and Dubuque Iowa.

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Bailiff Tour Day Five

After a great experience in Omaha, NE we hit the road for Des Moines knowing that things could get weird in Iowa and surprisingly enough, thats exactly what happened. Ren got behind the wheel of the van and led us to your standard middle of nowhere truck stop! A magical place where only the stallions and deer graze together. Tonight we are at Gabe’s in Iowa City and we’re really falling into the groove of things! Excited for another show tonight, then an off day in Iowa City!

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Bailiff Tour Day Four

As the tour goes on, I’m finding it hard to remember which day is which. Time seems to be going faster and faster as the tour progresses. As a result, my current feeling is that I could get used to this lifestyle for longer stretches of time. I’m curious if these feelings will change over the next few days!

We arrived in Omaha, NE and really enjoyed our time there. The Slowdown was an amazing venue and had an incredibly hospitable staff and greenroom, equipped with showers, laundry room, plush couches and vintage record players. No question, if the opportunity arises to play there again, it would be a go for sure! Omaha, was one of the two stops on this tour, we didn’t have sleeping accommodations lined up! Despite the odds, Josh (Bailiff’s lead singer) persuaded some gracious folks (The Decaturs) who performed a set just before Bailiff, to offer up their cozy couches to us. The rest of the tour we are good to go on crash spots so it should be smooth sailing from here on out. Tonight, we are in Des Moines, Iowa at the Vaudeville Mews… Lets do this.

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Bailiff Tour Day Three

Yesterday as we left Lawrence, Kansas and headed to Lincoln, Nebraska, we strolled the streets to find some food, replace a few malfunctioning wardrobe components and kill sometime before hitting the road again. The Replay Bar in Lawrence was a great spot that reminded me of my back home favorite, the Brass Rail. Here are a couple shots! Gotta run, we’re loading in for tonights show in Omaha, NE at a place called The Slowdown. Feels good to be in the city that birthed 311!

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Bailiff Tour Day One

I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited on tour with some friends of mine who play in a band called, Bailiff. For the next 10 days we’ll be on the road and I’m gonna try and document the journey via iPhone. These posts likely won’t include too many words! Let’s kick this thing off with load in and set up in St.louis at ‘Off Broadway’ each day I’ll update these posts with photos as they come!

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