Slowdown in Omaha, NE

At this point in the tour, things felt like they were beginning to smooth out and the guys and I were getting a little more comfortable with each other. Maybe even too comfortable? This is the 1st time Bailiff has had the extra room for a drifter like me to tag along on a tour and after a great night in Lincoln, NE we made our way to Omaha, NE. The land of 311.

The guys are by no means fans of 311 and they made sure to repeatedly remind me of that as we stepped out of the van and made our way to a local coffee shop to kill time. I had no idea how important these moments of downtime would be for me as we continued on the tour, but these were the moments when I got to really talk and connect with the guys! Like you can imagine, a sense of comradery begins to develop when you’re out on the road and in close quarters with other for extended amounts of time. Not to get all sappy, but the guys in Bailiff are some of the most sarcastic, genuine, insanely talented, and laid back guys I’ve met in a long time.

The Slowdown was easily the nicest and luxuriously accommodating venue on tour, we were given a green room with access to showers, laundry room, vintage record player, and several cozy, nicely broken in couches. This was one of two nights where we didn’t have a place to crash planned out, so Josh tried to convince the venue to let us sleep in the greenroom. Surprisingly, it didn’t work and we we’re extremely grateful to one of the opening bands, The Decatuers for letting us crash with them.

Omaha, I’ll miss everything about you, except for your unbelievably awful pizza!

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