The Lift in Dubuque Iowa

I don’t think the tour with Bailiff could have ended in a more intimate and interesting setting. The Lift or The Busted Lift, not sure which is the most proper to call it, felt underground, literally. With exposed rock walls, and two full service bars and a unique stage and backdrop. The setting and energy in the bar that night was one I think most people there won’t forget. Shortly after arriving we discovered the locals in the bar that night lost a very dear friend who was just at the bar the night before, that said we knew this show would be one for the books. Overall, we had a great time, experience, and from the people dancing, guys hanging off the ceiling, and the crowds response, Bailiff put on a great show. The room sounded great and I personally look forward to the next time I’ll be able to stop in and have another couple drinks in such a fun speakeasy like setting. Here are the last two shots I took from the tour!

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