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Father’s Day 2017

As I’ve gotten older, it seems as though life is certainly speeding up, challenging what I thought I already knew, and taking me in all sorts of new directions. This fella, between my brother, Ryan and I, quietly and consistently sits back and lets me figure it all out. In doing so, he has taught me the most valuable life lessons, because of him I know how to fight for what I believe! Thanks for believing in me and for being my Dad! 

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Grandma Herring

Last weekend, during my cousin’s wedding I was asked to take a few discreet and candid pictures. I’ve rarely had the opportunity to capture family moments like this and I’m pretty thankful for the one below. Grandma Herring has been the rock of our family for such a long time! I love every moment I get to spend with her.

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Wooten slappin some bass

Yesterday at lunch, one of the great bass players of our time, Victor Wooten came and played some bass for us!

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Booty rockin everywhere 

Growing up in the 90s and early 2000s I listened to the awfully simplistic anthems created by the names listed on the tickets below! There is no way I could live with myself if I missed out on going to see Eve 6 and Bubba Sparxxx in Fort Wayne!

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A new BandParade

Been going through a lot of changes in life, finally getting back to where my heart is happiest!

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The New Baan Thai

After several years in its Coldwater Road location, Baan Thai has closed and re-opened a brand new version of the restaurant off Anthony Blvd, in the old Atz Ice Cream shop. I must say, the new location is larger with booths, tables, and overall better vibe. Most importantly though, their food is still just as amazing if not better then it was before! Go give these amazing folks at Baan Thai your money, their food and restaurant is the best in town!

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Weekend favorites

A weekend full of my favorite things! Good hangs with friends, amazing food, drinks (homemade margaritas), and rides all over these old Midwest country roads! There is not a whole lot I can complain about! 

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Barry Manilow

I was sitting at my desk at work this past Friday, as it does all day long, my phone rang. This time is was the extension from a good pal of mine, James Shilliday. Typically what this means is that he has fielded a call from one of my customers and he is transferring him over to me to finish handling it. This time was quite different, James kicked off the call by asking what my plans were. As I typically reply to people asking that question, I spouted off saying, what do you have in mind? Timidly he asked, would you like to go see Barry Manilow with me? Surprised, a little confused, and excited I replied, who wouldn’t. The rest is history. What a fun and truly great night with Barry! Thanks James for the invite and to the Band for asking us onto their tour bus for Wine!

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Summer coffee

Feeling good to finally get back on the balcony and in my morning weekend routine!

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John Ball

Everytime my Nashville friends come into town it makes life so much better! Been hanging with Jed and John Ball all day and super stoked for their set tonight!

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